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November 7th is WOMHA's third anniversary recruit and renew membership meeting. See Calendar for details.



WOMHA was formed as a part of the sweeping change overtaking American healthcare. We are an Independent Practice Association (IPA) for mental health practitioners serving Oregon and Washington. The establishment of "Mental Health Parity" in insurance reforms is creating significant challenges for all stakeholders and the need for allied care organizations like WOMHA has never been greater. We encourage you to become a part of our effort to insure that the quality of mental health care delivery is continuously improved in this beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest.


About AMHA

The American Mental Health Alliance (AMHA-USA) is a resource for people seeking mental health information and high quality, private mental health services. AMHA members include counselors, marriage & family therapists, psychologists, social workers and psychiatric mental health specialists. AMHA honors people's right to choose the help they need and their right to full disclosure about practitioners' experience and qualifications. AMHA members support client privacy and offer affordable payment options. WOMHA is a chapter of AMHA.